The Scooter That Conquered New York

ready to start its “Second Life”

msrp $1,299

starting at $499

The best scooter on the market


Top Speed (where allowed)




Lightweight & Foldable



How Second Life works

Our vehicles are part of our subscription service in New York City.

When they retire from their first life, our team of Engineers fully refurbish every vehicle, going through a rigorous quality control process, and replacing all critical components with new parts.

The result is a “Manufacturer Certified Refurbished” vehicle ready to take on a second life.

Learn about our subscription service

All our vehicles come ready to ride like it’s their first life

New components

Depending on the vehicle we update the battery, controller or motor as needed to make sure the vehicle has a long life ahead

Quality checked

Unparalleled quality process. We test and retest our vehicles to ensure all components are performing as new.

Warranty included

We stand behind our products. Peace of mind that you are getting a vehicle with an original manufacturers warranty.

We grade our Second Life vehicles into 3 levels

Looks Brand New

Has been used for a short period of time, and is in as-new condition


“Is that a scratch?”

Some cosmetic details prevent this vehicle to be rated as A but they are just as good


Some signs of use

Some components show wear but the vehicle is in sound condition and ready to ride


You can also buy a new SV1 for $1,299?

Our Second Life Promise

You'll get a premium vehicle in top condition, and get our support while you own it, all the while making the right purchase decision for the environment

The best thing we can do for our planet is to reduce how much we buy and maximize the life of what we do buy

At Beyond, we want to lead by example

Products designed to last

Materials and manufacturing processes are all chosen for maximum product durability. The longer the product is in use, the smaller its footprint

Maintenance program extends vehicles useful life

We designed the products and the business model to simplify maintenance, providing the greatest value with the fewest resources

Products designed for disassembly and recycling

From their conception our products are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, optimizing serviceability and recycling

Our recycling program

We recycle every vehicle we make. All our vehicles are outfitted with clear labels so after their life, you can reach us and help us responsibly care for our environment

Second Life Specs


7.8 Whr battery 8-12 miles of range depending on road condition, weight of rider

Swappable Battery

Removable battery with key, so you can double your range by swapping batteries on the road


26 lbs, its light and portable


Folds pretty small in just 1 second


350 Watt motor with 750 Watt peak power

Phone Charger

USB out to charge your phone while you ride

Water Resistant

IP65 water resistant, no problem to ride in the rain or snow


Integrated suspension for a super comfortable ride

Airless Tires

Puncture free tires so you never get a flat